Traceability and protection: a commitment that never ends

Cinelli Piume e Piumini has always been committed to the selection and control of its suppliers, buying feather and down only from selected European breeders who do not carry out defeathering operations that can cause unnecessary suffering to the animals. The geese are reared outdoors, have a good quality of life and are not subjected to ill-treatment aimed at the collection of feathers. By virtue of its continued and documented commitment Cinelli scored important certifications that attest to the traceability of raw materials and the protection of animal welfare. Cinelli Piume e Piumini is also a member of EDFA (European Down and Feather Association), an association that, in addition to group the main feather goods manufacturers in the world, is committed to the protection of the interests of consumers and animals. To certify its position in favour of the environment and its customers by offering a traceable, controlled product coming from a responsible supply chain, the company is certified by the DOWNPASS certification, which guarantees and promotes the correct protection of animals and responsible procurement of feathers and down whose traceability must be widely documented and transparent. In addition to this, Cinelli also won the RDS (Responsible Down Standard) traceability, obtained after numerous checks and testing prescribed by strict guidelines, it certifies the origin of the raw materials with regard to respect for and protection of animals that are bred in health in their natural environment. RDS is promoted by a non-profit organisation, the Textile Exchange and Control Union Certifications, created to enhance sustainability in the textile industry.


Non-allergenic duvets Nomite® certified

Cinelli Feather products are suitable for people suffering from allergies to house dust

It is often believed that the feather can cause allergies, in fact it is scientifically proven that allergies are caused by the powders that remain inside the padding after washing and sterilisation. This occurs if this operation is not carried out correctly and professionally. In Cinelli, the washing and sterilisation treatment to which feathers and downs are subjected, ensures that the product is sanitised and sterilised before being introduced into the products. Feather-tight fabrics used in very dense texture make it difficult the inlet of dust within the products, so as not to create the kind of environment that facilitates the growth of dust mites. Two important factors that make the products of the Cinelli Bed Line rigorously hypoallergenic and suitable for obtaining the NOMITE® certification. NOMITE® certification indicates all those products of the Bed line that are usable by people with allergies to dust.
NOMITE® on Cinelli products is a further guarantee for our customers and for anyone looking for a safe and high quality product.


A lasting investment

Feather is not a simple purchase, but a real investment: if it is good, it lasts a lifetime. Obviously, the feather on the market is not always the same: we also find shoddy products, both for the origin of the raw material and for treatment and processing. Everything has its price and quality must be paid for, but what returns a high quality choice is priceless: a product that surrounds us and protects us throughout our lives, never changing its prerogatives.

Cinelli uses raw material coming from Eastern Europe, traditionally linked to the breeding of geese and feather collection.

The feather used is obtained exclusively from animals bred for food use, so the collection does not take place on live animals. Cinelli Piume e Piumini directly checks farms on site claiming full compliance with animal welfare from their suppliers. Once delivered, the feather is fed into the sorting machine that operates a first selection on the basis of the destination of the padding.

European adult geese feathers are far better than those that come from animals of East Asia: European geese are almost double the size than Chinese ones and have feathers softer and more silky, with great filling power.

Since the harvest on the field there is a first selection between feather, small feathers and bow: selection that will then be perfected in the company, through the use of an air system in silos 6/8 meters high.

It’s a “micro-cleaning” that consists in the elimination of any keratinous residues on feather and of all particles.

Normally the down is washed with a single immersion in hot water and detergents. In Cinelli, the down is washed 7 times, to guarantee a more delicate cleaning and at the same time an even greater hygiene.

The turbidity of the water is a value taken into account when treating a consignment certified as already washed at the origin; If the values are not within the parameters of UNI EN 1164:2000, the lot purchased is again undergone a complete washing cycle.

The goods, just arrived at the plant, are first sterilised at a temperature of 133°C. Next, after washing and centrifuging, feathers and small feathers are sterilised again for at least one hour at a temperature of 120°/130°: a very delicate operation, aimed at eliminating all bacteria while keeping the right greasy residue.

A Cinelli down should have a value of greasy residue between 0.8 and 1.2 per cent: in case of lower values, the down would be too fragile and would break, losing filling capacity; with higher values instead, it might fail to expand naturally, it might create halos on the fabric and produce bad odour.

Indicates the “non-aggression” of the product on the skin. The feather has a pH of 5.6; the cotton (natural material) containing it settles on 5.8. Both are “skin friends”.

It’s the parameter that provides a real proof of the quality of the down: it indicates the ability of the down to re-expand after compression and its air filling power.

It’s the value that shows the distribution between the presence of bow (first value) and small feathers (second value). The higher the first, the higher the quality of the padding. A value to be interpreted anyway, given that some companies less attentive to quality import from the Far East raw material mixed with thirty percent of duck feathers.


How to measure it


Simple steps for a perfect product

Feather is not afraid of high temperatures, but for respect of linings and fabrics we recommend washing in soapy water at temperatures of 50°/60°. For dry cleaning, consult the instructions on the label.

It must be very accurate, repeat it multiple times to remove all traces of SOAP and avoid halos on the fabric.

The ideal is drying in the open air, avoiding direct exposure to the summer sun. Use of the dryer is allowed at moderate temperatures.

During winter time, exposure to the air for a short time promotes good maintenance of the duvet. When not in use the quilt should be stored in a dry place, inside its original bag.

What is the difference between a natural and a synthetic duvet?

What has a natural duvet more than a synthetic one? The answer is: everything.
Beginning with its “naturalness”. As in its original function of animal plumage the duvet has a function of “heat shield” on the bird, once on the bed at home the duvet takes on a hygroscopic function: it absorbs moisture during the night and lets it evaporate during the day. That’s right: while we sleep, the duvet works. During the hours of sleep it captures a good part of the water vapour produced by our skin, and then releases it in the following hours.
The natural down does not limit to “warm up” but has a thermoregulatory function: due to the high volume of air that can restrain in its bows, it spreads heat evenly all over the bed. Moreover, unlike the synthetic one, the down is a natural enemy of mites, which do not find a habitat to proliferate in it. In addition to this, the thermo-sanitary treatments to which the feather is subjected in sterilisation phase result in the total elimination of bacteria and microorganisms.

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