Quality feather & upholstery for sofas

Cinelli produces the best quality sofa upholstery solutions. Feather above all, and carefully selected, but also other types of materials, from polyester fiber to memory foam: for an ideal result in terms of softness, insulation, comfort and durability. The 100% cotton Outer fabric guarantees a perfect breathability. The tight weave design prevents feather and down from going out.

Quality for padding

Origin is important: only the best feather for our cushions.

It is not enough that a product is made of goose feathers to be automatically considered a quality product: it all depends on the quality of feather, particularly on its origin, and processing to which it has been submitted. In its production cycle of sorting, washing and sterilisation Cinelli includes only raw material of proven quality coming from Eastern Europe, or from those countries where the breeding of geese, together with the activity of collecting feathers, is an ancient craft exercised with great wisdom and expertise. Animals produce the plumage depending on the environment where they live. Consequently, feather and down from colder climatic environments are better developed than those coming from more temperate environments. Although the world’s largest producer of feathers is China, which exports worldwide at extremely competitive prices, the feathers of Asian origin have poorer quality characteristics than European ones and that is why Cinelli Piume e Piumini does not use them in its production processes. Of every batch of raw material we get to sacrifice up to 40% to keep only the best of the feather and thus be able to give life to a finished product of excellence.

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Cushion for sofa

Not only feather: many solutions for quality sofas

The method used to create the Cinelli sofa cushion guarantees quality and durability over time: the construction takes place in canals or square rooms, which once filled are closed and made independent of each other, to ensure a location of the feather net and constant over time. This type of construction also offers the possibility of filling the individual chambers more or less, managing to obtain areas of the cushion with
different capacity, and greatly reduce, if not avoid “sprinkling” operations to which normal feather cushions must be frequently subjected.
Goose feathers has constant elasticity over time. For its feather cushions Cinelli uses feathers carefully selected among the best qualities and then mixed together to obtain the ideal result in terms of softness, insulation and comfort.
To further customise the product, tailor-made feather mixtures are developed, differentiating them according to the intended use: seat cushions, backrests, optional cushions, armrest cushions able to guarantee different carrying capacity and softness even according to customer requests. For the filling of the cushions, other materials mixed with goose feathers or alone are also used: Polyester fibres, Polyurethane memory foam, latex, Memory foam granulate. To increase the capacity of the cushion, it is possible to use a polyurethane core shaped by computerized cutting, alone or in combination with steel springs.

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Types of Cushions


Pillows without insert

Pillow with chambers or channels filled with natural feather or mixed feather. Capacity and comfort can be varied by acting on the filling material used and the amount of the same that is blown inside the individual chambers.


Pillows with insert of foam

Pillow with non-deformable polyurethane foam core. Possibility of using different densities of polyurethane in alliance between them to differentiate the capacity. The core is wrapped in a quilt that can be filled with feather or with other filling materials.

Piuma Relax

Pillows with insert of foam and springs

Cushion with non-deformable polyurethane foam core drilled with harmonic steel springs. To differentiate the capacity, it is possible to act both on the polyurethane and on the diameter of the steel wire of the springs. The core is wrapped in a quilt that can be filled with feather or with other filling materials.

The construction of the cushion

01 / With Channels

The feather is divided into 2, 3 or more channels parallel to each other. Each channel is closed and made independent of the other, however the feather is free to “navigate” along the channel; in the cushions particularly stressed by compression a periodic beating operation will be necessary to restore the correct distribution of the padding. Mainly used for the backrests. Ideal for backrests, it is a simple and economical solution, but of quality.

02 / Web

From the tops of a central compartment the partitions of the “peripheral” chambers radiate out. This type of construction more accurately locates the filling material compared to the channel construction, guaranteeing the distribution of the padding over time. Ideal for enhancing the crowning of the pillow and ensuring the distribution of the padding constant over time.

03 / Squared

It’s the evolution of the channel construction. Each channel is subdivided by transverse partitions, creating squares. In this way the filling can be better located and the distribution of the padding is guaranteed over time. Ideal for a perfect seal, gives the padding an ordered and regular effect.

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